October 31, 2020


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Surface Duo with Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM and 11MP camera?

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The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s new attempt to score in the mobile area. The dual screen surface comes with Android and should thus solve the problem of the app gap, which broke Windows Mobile’s neck, from the world. Microsoft is currently silent about the exact specifications, but the Windows Central colleagues have now been able to collect some information about the Surface Duo.

Snapdragon 855 and 6GB RAM

The hardware of the Surface Duo has been completed for a long time and Microsoft is currently concentrating on fine-tuning the software. Several Microsoft employees are already using the device in a private environment. Zac Bowden from Windows Central has now learned some of the Surface Duo specifications through his contacts. These overlap with some of our previous reports on the duo.

A Snapdragon 855 provides 6GB of RAM for the necessary power. The reason why Microsoft does not use the current Snapdragon 865 here is due to the conditions that Qualcomm places on the manufacturers. An extra 5G chip must also be installed when using the Snapdragon 865. However, since the duo’s hardware has been final for a long time, Microsoft would have had to redesign the entire device here. In addition, the Snapdragon 855 is a high-performance and efficient chip and should do its job more than well.

Charging takes place via USB-C, whereby Fast Charging is also supported. The battery should have a capacity of 3460mAh. According to this information, there will be no wireless charging, NFC or 5G. The camera confirms what was already suspected. The duo comes without an extra main camera and only has a single 11MP camera, which is used both as a front camera and a main camera. The first tests must show how well this will do, but you should definitely not expect quality like the latest iPhones or Pixel devices.

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Android 10 should be available as OS at the start. According to Zac, Microsoft is working on a quick update to Android 11. All pre-installed Microsoft apps will support the options of the second screen and have been specially adapted.

Microsoft strives for a price within the premium segment according to Windows Central. Since this of course has a certain scope, the price is currently difficult to estimate. However, due to the older processor and other missing features, one could hope for a slightly lower price. The release could already take place in the summer and therefore before the actually planned release in autumn.

source: Windows Central