November 24, 2020


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TCL Huaxing focuses on display ecology and builds a new platform for co-creation and win-win through DTC

TCL Huaxing focuses on display ecology
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TCL Huaxing 2020 Global Display Ecological Conference (DTC2020) was held in Shenzhen. Professor Zhang Baizhe of Tsinghua University and leading expert in the flat panel display industry, TCL Huaxing partner representative, Sanan Optoelectronics Chief Technology Officer Xu Chenke, and Korean Display Technology The chairman of the innovation platform Prof. YSKim and other industry leaders gathered to witness the TCL Huaxing technology route and the release of blockbuster concept products based on cutting-edge display technology. TCL Huaxing established a new display industry chain ecological alliance through DTC, which has important significance and value for promoting the innovative development of the display industry.

With the development of 5G and AIoT, the display field has undergone earth-shaking changes in product form and application scenarios. The four new display products released by DTC2020 collectively demonstrated TCL China Star’s leading achievements in exploring multiple display application scenarios.

The world’s first 142-inch IGZO glass-based active MLED display. The concept of super-large splicing screen and unlimited splicing brings unlimited imagination to the expansion of future display forms and application scenarios; the world’s first 48-inch 8K In-cell Touch AMMini-LED backlight The curved car screen adopts a curved design to provide an excellent visual enjoyment and driving experience; the world’s first 6.7-inch AMOLED cloud scroll screen, which allows the display size to be randomly changed by the shell, opening up the shape of the future flexible screen terminal except for the folding screen Another imagination: the world’s first 17-inch printed OLED scrolling screen. Its OLEDRGB self-luminous devices are manufactured by high-precision inkjet printing process, which has a better cost advantage and is more conducive to large-scale and mass production.

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TCL founder and chairman Li Dongsheng

Since the beginning of this year, the global display industry has gradually formed a pattern of “two superpowers and multiple powers”. After more than ten years of intensive cultivation and steady development, TCL Huaxing has made strides to become a global leader, which is inseparable from its technology research and development strategy and layout.

Market-oriented, user-centric, and through coordinated industrial development, TCL Huaxing is achieving a diversified ecological lead. In terms of product diversification, TCL Huaxing’s overall idea is to stabilize the niche of panel products such as TVs and mobile phones, and strengthen the core; to achieve leadership in the market segments such as interactive whiteboards, splicing screens, electronic signs, and automotive displays, and balance the structure; focus on development IT businesses such as displays, laptops, and tablets have increased profitability. In terms of technology diversification, TCL Huaxing focuses on the next-generation display technology and ecological leadership. In order to continuously improve its technical capabilities, TCL Huaxing actively promotes the construction of technology platforms, through the establishment of multiple technology platforms, to achieve product and technology interlocking, improve development efficiency, reduce product costs, and strive to achieve “one painting is mass production”.


Since the beginning of this year, TCL has continued to open up its ecological layout. It has jointly invested in the establishment of a joint laboratory with San’an Semiconductor, focusing on the development of Micro-LED technology; strategically invested in JOLED to accelerate the realization of industrialized mass production of printed OLEDs; acquired Suzhou Samsung to further optimize Industrial layout and product structure. In the future, TCL’s open ecology will also cooperate with more universities, institutes, enterprises and institutions that master the world’s highest level of technology to jointly solve major technical problems. Display expert Zhang Baizhe said that the core of building my country’s new display industry ecological chain is panel companies, especially leading companies with core technologies like TCL Huaxing. While developing themselves, they must take industrial development as their responsibility and actively promote The development of industrial ecology.

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