November 24, 2020


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Terminal retail revolution, new retail of ZOL Technology Life Hall

ZOL Technology Life Hall
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The current distribution and circulation mode of social and industrial resources has become clumsy and inefficient under the impetus of the wave of information technology, and the entire retail industry has begun to enter the era of refined customers. The vigorous development of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence has spawned new media, new manufacturing, new logistics, new finance, new retail, and new services from traditional industries, and promoted industrial resources to gradually become interconnected and intelligent, Sharing direction development.

The supply chain revolution has always been regarded as the core of the terminal retail revolution. Consumption upgrade will inevitably be accompanied by the upgrade of the supply side, such as the upgrade of terminal stores, which also forces the continuous upgrade of supply-demand relations and procurement, and a new procurement and supply platform emerges. This is the transformation and upgrade of supply channels. From Ali’s unmanned supermarket, JD’s upcoming 300 retail experience stores, to Xiaomi’s Mi Home, etc., from the upstream of the industrial chain to intermediate platforms, and even traditional offline retail terminals are exploring new retail.

Terminal retail revolution

Relying on professional IT media, online and offline trading platforms, and mature F2C+O2O supply chain advantages, ZOL Science and Technology Life Museum provides interactive activities, content guidance, and experiential display of commodity usage scenarios; it provides traditional e-commerce and The collection of technological life experiences that are difficult to achieve in traditional stores, and the use of matching guidance for commodity scenes, reduce the cost of consumer product selection (time, decision, price), and solve consumer pain points. Based on the ZOL Technology Life Museum platform, traditional e-commerce is empowered without increasing customer operations staff and offline store costs, serving consumers not only the e-commerce shopping experience, but also offline products and service experience, free, open, Efficient transaction experience, diversified transaction methods, and abundant supporting facilities have truly helped traditional e-commerce to transform into new retail.

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