November 24, 2020


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That’s why I like my trash can

That's why I like my trash can
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He is a handsome guy, does what I want and only understands English. My new trash can from a forge is perhaps the most unnecessary, silly, and decadent thing I’ve ever let in my apartment. I thought. Until I fell in love.

In a time when everything is equipped with technology that is not on the trees at three, even high-tech trash cans are no longer surprising. When the electric bin moved in with me a month ago, Corona was still a term on the news that didn’t affect me directly. And I did not understand the purpose of a linguistic waste disposal. If I hadn’t gotten it for testing, I would never have bought it. The manufacturer calls it “Apple among the trash cans” for a reason, because it costs 300 euros. Without the matching garbage bags.

That's why I like my trash can

To open it, it has an infrared sensor that detects when a hand is waving in front of it, as well as a small processor with audio sensor for speech recognition. The lid is difficult to open without electricity.

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