November 24, 2020


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The cabbage price TV is gone! LCD panel prices will continue to rise

The cabbage price TV is gone
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With the continuous price increase of LCD panels, TVs and monitors may have to bid farewell to the era of “cabbage prices”.

According to market quotations, the price of OpenCell (LCD panels without backlight modules) rose again in August, among which 55-inch LCD panels reached $125, an increase of about 9% over the previous month. At the same time, the price of a small size such as a 32-inch LCD panel reached 44 US dollars, an increase of about 10%.

The price increase in August is the third consecutive month that LCD panel prices have increased. It is expected that prices will continue to increase in September.

According to industry news, the upstream screen factory has overturned all previous shipping policies on the supply price, and recalculated and negotiated the shipping cost for all purchasers. In other words, the previous quotations are all invalidated, and the requested goods will be executed according to the new quotations. The scope covers all models and all prices are increased.

In 2016, the global LCD price increased once. The LCD production capacity that was withdrawn that year was as high as 3.615 million square meters. The LCD production capacity closed last year and this year was much higher. The production capacity closed last year was 2.513 million square meters. The production capacity reached 5.519 million square meters, accounting for 6.47% of the global production capacity, 1.07 percentage points higher than the exit ratio before the last big price increase.

The previous production capacity launches were mainly for Korean companies, especially Samsung and LGD, which are also the world’s No. 1 and No. 2 TV brands. Samsung’s main production capacity is shifting to OLED panels, while LG will close South Korea’s local P7 and P8 production lines and withdraw. Production capacity accounts for 12% of its global production capacity.

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At present, several LCD panel factories in mainland China account for about 50% of the global LCD production capacity, and companies such as BOE are also cutting LCD investment.