October 28, 2020


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The top-secret source code of Windows XP has been leaked, and it has been wildly downloaded on the Internet

The top-secret source code of Windows XP has been leaked
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For a commercial operating system, its source code is absolutely the most core secret. If its source code is controlled by others, it can not only be copied and tampered with at will, but it may even cause serious security risks to global computer networks. Recently, foreign media reported that the source code of Windows XP has been leaked, and it is currently circulating on the Internet and can be downloaded at will.

According to the confirmation of some related organizations, a batch of Windows source code has appeared on foreign forums and social platforms. It seems to belong to Windows XP SP1 after confirmation. The relevant security researchers have confirmed that it is true through preliminary analysis. The source code also includes the Windows NT 3.5 and first-generation Xbox source files leaked in May of this year.

Regarding the breach of the Windows XP top-secret source code, many people expressed concern. Although Windows XP was launched in 2001 and became the absolute global operating system hegemon in the next ten years, there are still some computers still using the windows XP operating system. If its source code is leaked, it may be returned to them. Computers cause great security risks.
Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system has ceased service as early as 2014. According to the latest data, it currently has less than 1.5% of the global share. However, it should be emphasized that with such a huge number of computers in the world, this 1.5% is still not a small absolute amount, and its influence is relatively large.

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There are also some people who do not need to worry too much, because Microsoft has already released the source code of Windows XP to some government agencies and scientific research institutions as early as 2001, because these institutions have particularly strict inspections on the security of the system. So in many areas, the source code of Windows XP is actually not a secret.