November 24, 2020


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The world’s first flying car Liberty approved

The worlds first flying car
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The flying car PAL-V Liberty has been approved for driving on European roads. This is the world’s first flying car approved for road use.

The flying car was built by the Dutch manufacturer PAL-V. Since February this year, Liberty has successively passed a number of tests, including strict European road access tests, braking and noise pollution tests, and is now officially allowed to be on the road.

Judging from the pictures shown, this flying car adopts a three-wheel structure, which takes into account the stability of road driving and take-off and landing.
This aircraft uses propellers for take-off and landing. When driving on the ground, the screw rods and blades can be folded above the roof to reduce the footprint. When flying in the air, the mast can be extended, similar to a small helicopter Generally take off and land.

Although Liberty became the first flying car approved to drive on the road, no flying car is currently allowed to fly in the sky.
The maximum take-off weight of more than 150 kilograms belongs to the category of large drones, and the flight location, route and airspace are restricted. The weight of Liberty is 660 kilograms, which obviously does not meet the existing requirements.

According to the PAL-V plan, Liberty is already applying for the European Aviation Safety Agency’s aviation certification, and it is expected to complete the approval in 2022. In the next few months, Liberty will conduct endurance tests.

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