November 24, 2020


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UGREEN 3C1A 65W universal quick charger

UGREEN 3C1A 65W universal quick charger
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UGREEN is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of various accessories and also sells its products here in Germany, where they are primarily available through Amazon. The manufacturer is known for good quality at attractive prices. We have already used a few UGREEN products privately – especially from the network sector and card readers – and have had no negative experiences with them to date.

UGREEN is now launching a new product from the charger category, called UGREEN 3C1A. This charger is a relatively compact USB-PD charger with four connections and an output of a whopping 65 watts. With a size of only 65 x 65 x 31.8mm this is an announcement. The mains connection can also be folded in to make the best possible use of the space during transport.

The UGREEN 3C1A 65W Charger offers three USB-C ports and a classic USB-A output for charging end devices. The USB-C outputs each support up to 65 watts of power and up to 22.5 watts are possible at the USB-A output.

Thanks to the USB power delivery support, OnePlus, Ulefone and Elephone smartphones on the UGREEN 3C1A can also be charged quickly. WarpCharge, Dash Charge and VOOC are not directly supported, but the current versions of the fast charging technology are compatible with USB-PD. Thus, a quick charge is still possible, which is only slightly behind a native WarpCharge, Dash Charge or VOOC power supply.

The UGREEN 3C1A will be compatible with network standards within the United States, Great Britain and Europe and can handle a network voltage of 110V to 240V. The product is financed through crowdfunding via Indiegogo.

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