October 21, 2020


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Venture Capital Daily | “Jushi Technology” completed a total of 150 million yuan in financing in two years, “Dingke Medical” completed nearly 100 million yuan in B+ round of financing

Jushi Technology
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We learned that the Internet maternal and child health management platform “Yizhiyi” recently completed tens of millions of A+ round of financing. This round of financing was led by Yunqi Capital, with the old shareholders Innovation Workshop, Yuanjing Capital and Zhongding Capital all following the investment, and Qianyue Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round.

One Zero Medical is a long-term Internet maternal and child health management platform. Different from the information communities such as Baby Tree, Mom.com, etc., or various vertical e-commerce platforms for maternal and child products, the characteristic of Yizhiyi is based on the personalized health data of each mother and child family, empowering medical care Personnel to provide personalized health services. Based on the doctor-patient relationship based on continuous health data records, an individual and family-centric O2O exclusive medical care group service model is formed… (For more information, please click here )

  • Focusing on the balloon product line, “Dingke Medical” completed nearly 100 million yuan in B+ round of financing

It is reported that “Dingke Medical” recently completed nearly 100 million yuan of B+ round of financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Jinbang Capital and Huachuang Capital. The existing shareholder Qiming Venture Capital continued to follow up the investment. This is a new round of financing following the 60 million yuan B round of financing of “Dingke Medical” in 2018. This round of funds will be used for the establishment of a large-scale sales team, the marketing of products already on the market and the development of subsequent new products.

“Dingke Medical”, the full name of Dingke Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., was founded in June 2016 by Weng Yulin, who was the backbone of research and development at Biosensors, the world’s fourth largest drug stent manufacturer, focusing on the development and production of various vascular interventional balloon products …… (For more information, please click here )

  • 36氪 First Release | Create Medical Beauty IP Matrix, “Strictly Selected Beauty” Completes Pre-A Round of Millions of Financing

36 Krypton learned that the medical beauty MCN organization “Yianmei Yanxuan” recently completed a multi-million yuan Pre-A1 round of financing, and the investor is Gao Zhang Capital. This round of funds is mainly used to incubate the content matrix and create a service label for medical beauty IP.

“Yianmei Yanxuan” was established in March 2019, mainly through the production of content to create IP, and finally lead to the e-commerce platform to realize. The company publishes content on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo and Weitao, and has planned three-stop live broadcasts, namely “Yan Wang Said” hosted by founder Yan Wang, “American Medical Class” that emphasizes doctor IP, and The live broadcast program “Yanmei Hypermarket” that popularizes skin care, make-up and medical beauty knowledge. Among them, “The King of Yan” has been broadcast… (For more information, please click here )

  • Focusing on the research and development of innovative bone and joint drugs, “Anjisheng Bio” completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing

It is reported that “Anjisheng Bio” has recently completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Hillhouse Ventures, followed by OrbiMed Asia and Guangzhou Yuanhe Origin. The last round of investment institutions Guangzhou Junshi, Taifu Capital, and Yonghua Investment continued to provide support. This round of funds will be used to accelerate the development of clinical stage and pre-clinical innovative drugs in the field of severe bone, joint and muscle diseases of “Anjisheng Biotechnology”, including 5 products in the research pipeline.

“Anjisheng Bio” was founded in June 2018 by Professor Ke Huazhu, the founder and CEO of the company with nearly 30 years of experience in bone disease drug R&D management and industrialization. The company focuses on the world’s first innovative drug research and development in the field of severe bone, joint and muscle diseases. At present, “Anjisheng Bio” has established a complete new drug screening and development platform, and the research and development pipeline covers serious osteoporosis, delayed vertebral fusion, fracture nonunion, osteoarthritis and other diseases… ( see more Click here more )


Enterprise Service

Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 First Release | Using “Data Center” to build digital infrastructure for enterprises, “Kejie Big Data” completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing

36 Krypton learned that “Kojie Big Data” recently completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor is the Koala Fund. This round of financing is mainly used to increase product R&D investment, talent introduction and business development, and promote the construction of digital infrastructure and digital services under the new infrastructure.

“KJ Big Data” was established in 2019 and is an integrated service provider for data center and Taiwan. The core members of its founding team are all from the management of JD Big Data, and have more than ten years of accumulation in the field of Internet Big Data. The company helps customers accelerate the realization of full-line business intelligence by building data assets. Kejie’s goal is to build new infrastructure and services for corporate customers, define big data capabilities with software, and help digital transformation and digital economy through infrastructure construction and services Construction. Its products mainly serve the IT R&D department of enterprises. At present, customers come from finance, communications, new retail, education, Internet and other fields… (For more information, please click here )

  • 36氪 first launch | ABM marketing automation platform combining data + marketing dual engines, “Huoyan Cloud” received 50 million yuan in Series A financing

36Kr was informed that MarTech service provider “Huoyanyun”, which targeted To B companies, received RMB 50 million in Series A financing. The financing was led by Gaojie Capital, with Sands River United Capital and Amoeba Capital following the investment. Old shareholder Amoeba Capital once again increased its holdings, and Light Moon Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round. Prior to this, Huoyanyun had received angel round investment from Tiantian Investment, Xishan Angel Club, and PreA round of financing from Amoeba Capital. Zhang Lupeng, the founder of Huoyanyun, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for product development and the construction of marketing teams in various regions.

ABM (Account-Based-Marketing) smart marketing is still in its early stage in China. Its emergence is based on the massive data accumulated over the past few decades and the blessing of a series of intelligent technologies. With the increase in customer acquisition costs of ToB companies, the importance of precision marketing has become more prominent. As the first marketing technology that emerged from the European and American markets, ABM has seen a large amount of domestic market demand in recent years. After its establishment in 2016, Huoyan Cloud focused on the localization of ABM technology, and built the first data management platform (DMP) for B2B. It is the first batch of MarTech service providers in China that use ABM strategies and technologies to serve local companies. ….. (For more information, please click here )


Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 First Release | Layout industrial AI high-end manufacturing scene, “Jushi Technology” completed 150 million yuan financing in two years

36 Krypton learned that the industrial AI company “Jushi Technology” announced the completion of 110 million yuan A round of financing. This round of investors mainly includes Hunan High-tech Venture Capital, Nanjing Jiangbei Industrial Investment Group and Jiangbei Intelligent Manufacturing Park Industrial Fund, Suzhou Huaxingyuan Innovation, etc. . This round of financing will be used to accelerate the company’s product development and ecological layout in industrial AI, improve the company’s high-end equipment research and development capabilities in semiconductor and other industries, strengthen the delivery of large-scale products, and strengthen market expansion.

In 2019, Jushi Technology completed the angel round and Pre-A financing with the participation of China Science and Technology Chuangxing Beijing Hard Technology Fund, Japan’s SBI Group and Wuxi Guolian. The company was established in 2018. Combined with this round of financing, Jushi Technology has raised a total of 150 million yuan in two years after its establishment… (For more information, please click here )

  • Focusing on general-purpose intelligent computing in the cloud, “Biren Technology” won the Pre-B round of financing led by Hillhouse Ventures
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36 氪 learned that the general intelligent chip design company “Wall Technology” recently announced the completion of the Pre-B round of financing. This round was led by Hillhouse Ventures, followed by well-known investment institutions such as Yunjiu Capital, Gaorong Capital, Gimpo Technology Fund, Cornerstone Capital, and Haichuang Fund of Funds. The existing investors Songhe Capital, IDG Capital, Yunhui Capital, Zhuhai Da Hengqin Group continued to make additional investments. Funds raised in this round will be used to accelerate product technology research and development and market expansion.

This is another round of financing completed by Biren Technology following the 1.1 billion yuan A round of financing led by Qiming Venture Capital, IDG Capital and Walden International China Fund in mid-June this year. In less than a year of its establishment, Biren Technology has raised nearly 2 billion yuan in total.

Biren Technology was established in 2019. The team is composed of core professionals and R&D personnel in the field of chip and cloud computing at home and abroad. It is committed to developing original general computing systems, establishing efficient software and hardware platforms, and providing one in the field of intelligent computing. Solutions… (For more information, please click here )

Project report:

  • Monthly GMV increased by nearly 17 times, the “hard library” needs to improve the transaction efficiency of the MRO industry

MRO is a non-productive material of enterprises in industrial products. It is traditionally called hardware and electromechanical. Its market size is about 2 trillion yuan. The transaction link is usually carried out offline and the efficiency is low.

With the development of my country’s industrial product B2B industry in recent years, the transaction link has begun to become online. According to the data of iResearch Consulting, in 2018, the scale of China’s industrial product B2B market was about 270 billion yuan, and the online penetration rate was about 2.7%. In the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of the industrial product B2B market is about 43%. It is estimated that China’s industrial product B2B market will reach 1.58 trillion yuan in 2023.

At present, there have been many B2B e-commerce platforms for industrial products, such as Gongpinhui and Gongpin No.1, which mainly serve sub-terminal retailers, and Zhenkunxing, Yibuy Industrial Products and Wanqian Fasteners for terminal manufacturers .

36氪 recently came into contact with the online market of hardware, electrical, mechanical, and building materials for hardware warehouses (hereinafter referred to as “hardwarehouses”), which is an MRO trading platform that differs from the above-mentioned corporate model. It is possible to shop around efficiently and to purchase all the required goods in one-stop, and quickly respond to the fragmented needs of end customers. Sales fees are the main source of revenue for the platform… (For more information, please click here )

  • “Zidian Energy” launches tritium photosensitive battery, which can be used for about 5 years without charging

Battery life is an important bottleneck restricting the development of battery technology. General batteries need to be charged, and their service life is limited by the number of charging cycles. So is there a battery that does not need to be “charged”?

Zidian Energy, which 36Kr has come into contact with recently, has launched a tritium photosensitive battery. The battery currently has a working voltage of 12V, a current of 1A, and a service life of about 5 years. It does not need to be charged during the service life. Compared with lithium batteries, this new type of battery has less pollution and radiation than lithium batteries. It has the characteristics of long application time, stable performance, no explosion, adaptability to various harsh and special environments, and high cost performance…( Click here for more details )

Project report:

  • Based on the “credit score” to get pets for free, the “Pet App” wants to build a one-stop in-depth service platform for pet raising

In the pet market, live transactions are not strictly regulated. Not only do consumers face the difficult choice of complicated channels and opaque prices before the transaction, but pet owners are also prone to difficulties in after-sales and lack of breeding knowledge. Pet transactions are also more often Profitable. Based on these pain points, 36Kr has recently learned about co-pets and launched the co-pet App, which wants to provide a standardized and more humanized live service.

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“Common Pet” is an app that obtains pets for free based on user credit, and provides meals, insurance, and medical services for pets by integrating upstream resources of the pet chain. In March and July of this year, the total pet has received 3 million seed round financing and 8 million angel round financing respectively.

The live pet business is different from the existing trading method that treats pets as commodities. Instead, it adopts an original credit scoring system that uses big data to obtain consumer credit and contract performance, assess age, income, and generate pet-keeping observations. Favor credit scores and classify users. The platform divides the solution into PRO version, PULS version and MAX version, which correspond to companion-level, pedigree-level and competition-level pets, respectively. Users adopt pets “for free” based on their credit scores… ( See more please Click here )


Project report:

  • Entering the Internet celebrity live broadcast and APP traffic market, “Shuzhidiandian” wants to provide e-commerce monetization solutions for more self-media

According to the “2020 Content Creation Trend Report” released by Xinbang and Toutiao today, the scale of Chinese We-media creators continues to increase. For example, as of early 2020, the number of WeChat public account creators has exceeded 20 million. Under the fierce competition, the monetization methods of self-media are also more diversified. From the early stage, platform incentives and advertisements were mainly used to develop into advertising, e-commerce, content payment and other methods. Among them, e-commerce monetization is accompanied by live e-commerce Getting out of the circle has become a new choice for the media. If you are monetizing your own e-commerce, we media often need to build a dedicated e-commerce team to solve issues such as product selection and supply chain, which is costly. Therefore, for many non-head self-media, choosing professional e-commerce monetization services is a more economical choice.

36 Krypton previously reported that “Shuzhidiandian” is a self-media e-commerce monetization SaaS product of Shanghai Chaotan Technology Co., Ltd. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly provided e-commerce monetization services for WeChat public accounts. Observing the development and changes of the traffic market, the traffic side served by Juzhidian has gradually extended to APP and Internet celebrity anchors to open up new monetization markets… (For more information, please click here )

Venture Watch

  • Shell company conditions frequently occur and the restructuring process has been repeatedly blocked. How far is Fanli.com’s road to going public?

The rebate network, which is impacting the second share of e-commerce shopping guides, has not gone smoothly recently.

As the shell resource of Fanli.com’s landing on A shares, ST Changjiu has been in frequent situations recently. After an estimated loss of 1.8 million yuan, it was exposed that the holdings of major shareholders were frozen. This is the change that ST Chang Jiu encountered again after being inquired twice due to the reorganization plan and the midway replacement of the audit agency.

Fanli.com was once known as the “originator” of e-commerce shopping guides. Its independent impact IPO in 2018 ended in failure. In 2019, it was “worthy to buy” by the rising star to seize the first share of e-commerce shopping guides. Under domestic and foreign difficulties, it had to Diversion to backdoor listing “curve to save the country.” Since its announcement of backdoor ST Changjiu in March of this year, the latter situation has frequently added more uncertainty to Fanli.com’s listing. At the same time, Fanli.com itself is also facing the outside world with its simple business model and imbalance in its customer structure. And doubts about weak performance growth, the listing process is extremely slow.