November 24, 2020


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Vivo new system OriginOS announced: will be released on the 18th

vivo new system OriginOS
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Regarding the new system of vivo, OriginOS, the industry is also going to talk about it, but there has been no exact news. Just recently, vivo officially announced that the new system OriginOS will be officially released on November 18, 2020. At the same time, many propaganda posters were announced, which attracted great attention from the industry.

Is the official notification system newly designed?

From these official posters, it is not difficult to find that basically the design of each poster is very simple and clear. Most of them consist of some simple graphics and color combinations, and they are visually very advanced. In this regard, many netizens speculated that vivo is likely to suggest that the design of the new system OriginOS also uses a similar simple design. If this is the case, then the new vivo system will undoubtedly bring a new visual appearance experience, which is still worth looking forward to.

It is worth noting that in the official announcement posters, there are also posters similar to the lock screen interface of mobile phones. This undoubtedly makes people more convinced that the new system OriginOS will adopt a simple design.

OriginOS is really exciting

In fact, for the new system OriginOS, it is not difficult to guess from the official information that OriginOS will be very different in system design. Just like the official poster released earlier in the picture below, the “lens” in the poster is designed to be very realistic, and it can be said that there is no difference in appearance from the actual mobile phone lens. More importantly, vivo officials have also said before: “What is OriginOS? This is the key to digitalization and the real world.” Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the icon design of the new system OriginOS may be closer to reality, thus creating a more Intuitive system experience.

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In addition, many big players in the industry released news about OriginOS earlier. Among them, @数码闲聊站 said that the new OriginOS will make major changes to the UI style, and it also has a built-in Android and OriginOS switch button. The desktop has two different styles, just like a “parallel world”, which is in the experience very interesting. In addition, an employee of OnePlus @酸数码 also said that the new vivo OS OriginOS may be designed by Apple designers. It can be seen that the new OriginOS will undergo great changes, and it may be more than we thought.

I have to say that the new OriginOS is really exciting. Although it has not yet been officially released, it is already full of surprises and people can’t wait to experience it. At the same time, we also believe that with the bottom-level optimization of vivo, the new system OriginOS will surely bring more new experiences and changes, so let us look forward to the press conference on November 18th, and look forward to the surprise of OriginOS.