October 21, 2020


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With notes against Corona: Germany is ridiculous

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It should come at the end of June. Finally! The legendary Corona warning app, which is designed to prevent the virus from spreading. It was a difficult birth. For years it has been heard and read that the digital age is too fast and confusing for us humans. Unfortunately, there was no sign of this pace in the development of the app in Germany. If you follow the history of the Corona app, you can look at the German sensitivities to digitization like under a burning glass.

There was controversy over whether and how which data should be stored where. People who are not at all interested in technology suddenly started thinking about decentralized and central storage. Without knowing exactly what that actually means.

Athletes who have no problems publishing their exercise data with their real names are skeptical about the Corona app. A friend who uses an app to monitor his sleep phases rejected the Corona app from the start. Although technical details are only now becoming known.

Germany is panting again

Germany overslept the first round of digitization. With Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google) and Facebook, the United States has the champions of digitalization. China is catching up rapidly. Israel has become a global innovation hub. The second round with the integration of artificial intelligence and the networking of machines and cars is in full swing. And Germany needs months to develop a single app!

Paper economy instead of future vision

Instead of finally getting started digitally, we prefer to write our names, addresses and telephone numbers on a piece of paper at the Italian restaurant on the corner. Such name lists, which are visible to everyone, are also kept in swimming pools or excursion boats, for example. Who actually believes that a pandemic can be narrowed down with notes? It’s just ridiculous. The processing and refinement of data is the business of the future. Only those who have mastered this profession will be economically at the top of the world. Cars have become rolling data machines. Every branch of industry will align and optimize with data flows. Nothing will work without data in the future. No successful fight against climate change or poverty either. Note economies will go under.

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