October 31, 2020


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Xunfei released three hard-core smart voice recorders

Xunfei released three hard-core smart voice recorders
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IFLYTEK released three new smart voice recorders this time, complementing the full range of smart voice recorders, covering all models from entry, flagship to premium version.

IFLYTEK’s smart voice recorder SR101 is an entry-level new product for newcomers and students in the workplace. It has three color options: starry sky gray, deep sea blue, and ivory white. The standard 1.4-inch touch screen makes the transcription visible in real time, and it is equipped with a directional microphone. A combination of +2 matrix microphones, quad-core processing chip, 8GB storage space and 1500mAh battery capacity, SR101 is priced at 599 yuan, free for life and enjoy 3 years of 5GB cloud space service.


Xunfei smart voice recorder SR702 is Xunfei’s flagship product after SR701. SR702 adopts starry sky gray color, integrated design of 3D ceramic backplane and aviation-grade aluminum alloy, adopts 2600mAh high-capacity battery, equipped with 2 directional microphones and 6 matrix microphones, equipped with 3.5-inch HD screen, and equipped with 8 million pixel digital zoom Set the camera.

The iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder SR901 Premium Edition uses a piano black full ceramic body, is equipped with a 6.01-inch AMOLED screen, 64GB storage space and 4000mAh supports 18W fast charge large-capacity polymer lithium battery. Xunfei Smart Recorder SR901 has a three-camera configuration and 2 Harman MEMS directional microphones + 10 omnidirectional microphones.

Compared with the previous generation of products, the new iFLYTEK smart recorder premium version SR901 and flagship version SR702 are both equipped with offline transcription and support OCR text extraction, while continuing the SR series transcription capabilities and AI high-definition noise reduction , Intelligent editing, and long battery life. It is more suitable for people with higher recording needs. The SR702 is priced at 3699 yuan, and the SR901 is priced at 5999 yuan. The purchase of the two products comes with free lifetime membership services, including transcription and translation services.

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Xunfei’s first TWS smart headset: support for converting calls into text

Also released at the same time as the three new products of Xunfei smart recorder is Xunfei’s first TWS smart headset iFLYBUDS. This earphone adopts pearl white color, and the semi-in-ear bionic design earphone weighs only 4.6g.

iFLYBUDS supports intelligent voice assistant, just say “Xiaofei Xiaofei” to wake up the voice assistant quickly. At the same time, the features of iFLYBUDS also include: support for tapping headset interaction, and support for custom functions; wear detection, pause playback when you take off the headset, put on the music again to continue. The overall operation logic is similar to that of Apple AirPods.

One of the core functions of iFLYBUDS, iFLYBUDS, supports regular calls and Internet calls, such as WeChat and Skype. According to reports, the headset can record with one button at the beginning of a call, and the call is converted into text, with an accuracy of over 98%.

Price and sale

Privilege version SR901 is priced at 5999 yuan, flagship version SR702 is priced at 3699 yuan, and entry version SR101 is priced at 599 yuan. IFLYBUDS is priced at 1399 yuan.