October 31, 2020


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Nokia may launch a new true wireless headset called Power Earbuds Lite

Power Earbuds Lite
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Nokia returned to the mobile phone market, in addition to launching some smart phone products, it also made some layouts for ecological accessories. For example, Nokia launched some true wireless headset products, such as BH-705, with a unique opening method. People are impressed. For example, BH-605 is called Nokia Power Earbuds.

Recently, news has pointed out that Nokia may launch a new true wireless headset product, which may be named “Nokia Power Earbuds Lite”. From the naming, it can be seen that its positioning is lower than Power Earbuds.

On the Bluetooth certification page, you can see a product called BH-405, which supports Bluetooth 5.1 transmission, can provide better Bluetooth connection and better battery life, and it can be seen from the product model that this The product price may be relatively low. Maybe Nokia’s new true wireless headset will meet you at the new IFA show.


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