October 26, 2020


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Samsung 870QVO Review – Explore the secrets

Samsung 870QVO Review
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Samsung 870QVO solid state drive, the second-generation product of Samsung QVO series. When talking about Samsung QVO series, many friends don’t know much about it. This is a brand new series of Samsung products. It is a brand new series based on Samsung’s innovative QLC technology. The biggest feature is large capacity and high performance. The first-generation QVO product 860QVO released before is famous in the industry for its maximum capacity of 4TB.

The brand-new Samsung 870QVO solid-state drive still continues the tradition of the Samsung QVO series, and once again achieved an amazing breakthrough in large capacity. The maximum design capacity reaches 8TB, even exceeding the design capacity of ordinary mainstream mechanical hard drives. This may be a global capacity The largest consumer-grade solid state drive product.

In terms of main control, a new generation of Samsung’s self-developed MKX main control chip is adopted. The MKX main control is equipped with a new generation of ECC algorithm and error correction mechanism developed by Samsung, which can further improve the overall stability and reliability of the solid state drive.

Samsung 870QVO chip

In terms of flash memory particles, the second-generation QLC particles originally developed by Samsung are used. This particle is based on Samsung’s enhanced 9X-layer V-NAND technology, achieving a double increase in performance and capacity.

The internal core upgrade has made the 870QVO solid-state hard drive a considerable improvement in performance. In terms of performance testing, we are still testing from the three dimensions of continuous performance, 4K random performance, and comprehensive performance to explore the specific performance of the Samsung 870QVO under the 8TB capacity.

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Combining the CrystalDiskMark and Txbench tests, we can see that the maximum continuous read performance of the Samsung 870QVO is maintained at 560MB/S, and the maximum continuous write performance can be maintained at 530MB/S, which has reached the theoretical maximum value under the SATA3.0 standard. Almost as good as the performance of the top 3Bit MLC products on the market.

In the CrystalDiskMark test, the Samsung 870QVO has a maximum continuous read performance of 559MB/S and a maximum continuous write performance of 526MB/S, which is equivalent to Samsung’s official nominal theoretical reading of 560MB/S and writing of 530MB/S.

Samsung 870QVO benchmark test results

In the 4K random performance test, the maximum random read of the Samsung 870QVO reached 94KIOPS, and the maximum random write reached 82KIOPS. This result can meet the daily needs of users for storing small and fragmented files.

In the PC Mark8 test, we can see the specific performance of the Samsung 870QVO in post-processing, game loading, office scenes and other subdivisions, and the final score of 4942. Such a score is absolutely first-class for SATA solid state drives. It shows that the Samsung 870QVO also has excellent performance in comprehensive performance tests, and can meet the storage needs of multi-scenario applications including games, post and office.

With the birth of Samsung 870QVO, Samsung’s self-developed SSD management software, Samsung Magician, has also optimized its interface and functions. Users can monitor and manage SSDs in more detailed and scientific manner through Magician. In terms of interface interaction, Samsung Magician adopts a more dynamic and trendy interaction mode, with obvious layers and lines between the major functional blocks, with a light blue to black business color system, and the overall style is concise and modern.

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