October 28, 2020


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Ulefone Armor X7 Pro – outdoor smartphone at a fair price

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro
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Chinese manufacturers have now established themselves as a competent player in the field of outdoor smartphones. Some manufacturers specialize almost exclusively in particularly durable cell phones. One of them is Ulefone. The Ulefone Armor X7 Pro is a small but nice upgrade to the already tested Armor X7. Every now and then a budget phone that is more geared towards normal everyday life appears, but they are known for their outdoor phones. These should be a good companion in all situations, whether on a bike tour or on a construction site.

From X7 to X7 Pro

Not much new, it seems. The main innovation awaits us is a further configuration of the storage space. Instead of really outdated 2 / 16GB 4 / 32GB. A doubling of both the working memory and the internal memory. It is also sorely needed. In our test, three apps opened at the same time brought the Ulefone X7 to the limits of its capacities. With four gigabytes, you won’t have this problem.

However, the internal memory remains rather lean, even after doubling. 32GB is definitely enough for basic apps, some music and a few photos. Experience has shown that more accumulates over the years. So you will probably be dependent on the memory expansion via micro-SD card. Up to 256Gb additional are possible according to Ulefone, generally much larger micro-SDs work as long as you format this Fat32.

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro review

The same applies to the processor. The Mediatek MT6761 should be sufficient for basic tasks, but not more. The camera fits into the same picture. If you take a snapshot every now and then, you can handle a 13MP camera, if you buy a cell phone because of the camera, you will not strike here. It’s clear that the specs don’t read great. That is simply not the point here.

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The Ulefone Armor x7 Pro doesn’t want to be the next budget photo miracle or revolutionize the gaming sector. It wants to hold in all situations and make long friends. It is all the more gratifying that we find Android 10 as the operating system. A current version of Android creates as much future security as possible.

The Ulefone Armor X7 Pro is a really interesting smartphone for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or doing a physical job. It seems to be built really robustly and is extensively IP certified. There are also contactless payments, a large battery and now also sufficient RAM.

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro price

If you rely on reasonably strong processor performance or know that you will be using and installing a lot of apps, you’d better look elsewhere for a new phone. If you already have the normal Ulefone Armor X7, you definitely don’t need to upgrade to the Pro version, because the differences are too small.