October 31, 2020


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Fobase Air Pro Review – Cheap Apple Watch Clone

Fobase Air Pro Review
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Apple Watch is a specific, and most importantly, very expensive gadget. Not everyone gets it, so for many, the clock just gathers dust on the shelf. The rest, at best, use 10-15% of the gadget’s capabilities. The conclusion suggests itself: why pay so much money when you can get the same thing, but much cheaper. With smart watches Fobase Air Pro, for example. I’ll tell you now.

Fobase Air Pro

What can Fobase Air Pro do? In general, almost everything is the same as more expensive smartwatches. In particular, they can:

  • count steps and measure distance
  • keep track of calories
  • monitor the pulse
  • measure blood pressure
  • monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood
  • monitor sleep
  • remotely control the camera
  • display the weather
  • receive notifications from favorite apps
  • answer or reject calls
  • and even measure body temperature (relevant in the era of the spread of Covid-19)

The last, perhaps, the main feature. Through a proprietary application (available for iOS and Android), the watch can monitor body temperature throughout the day. However, this also applies to monitoring the heart rate. True, this is already quite standard functionality.

Sports functionality has not been forgotten either. So, Fobase Air Pro can track running on the street, cycling, swimming, rope exercises, table and tennis, tennis and even badminton.

However, Fobase Air Pro looks pretty good. Take at least the materials of the case: metal and glass. And the thickness is only 8.9 mm – less than a centimeter, gentlemen. We focus on this. Moreover, in such a thin case, it was possible to fit a 200 mAh battery, which is capable of powering the gadget for 10-15 days with normal use. What is meant by this is not clear, so you should still count on less autonomy. Taking into account all the functionality, I would count on 3-4 days of autonomy. However, this is better than the Apple Watch 5 with its 18 hours of operation.

Bluetooth 5.0 support is also important. If the phone has the same “blue tooth”, it will noticeably save battery power at both ends. In general, the connection will be more stable and long-range.

The screen itself has a diagonal of 1.54 inches, and the resolution is 240 by 240 pixels – adequate. The body is similar to the competitive AW. Even the crown button on the side is decorated in the same style. At the time of purchase, you can choose from three straps: black, white and beige. For some reason I tend to the latter – the most stylish, especially in summer.

And now the most important thing is the price of Fobase Air Pro. Believe me, it is extremely difficult to be disappointed in the cost. On this link you can find out all the details, including the price list. In any case, for this money you can try whether wearable gadgets will come to you or not. As a last resort, do not mind leaving on the shelf or donating.

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