October 28, 2020


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Eufy S11 Go – powerful cordless vacuum cleaner for 224 euros

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The future of suction belongs to robots. But a robot is unfortunately not enough. There are too many places that the devices cannot reach. They do not work outside the floor, they cannot vacuum upholstery and ledges. Most of the time, there is still a cable cleaner in the household for these tasks. But if the robot removes most of the dirt, a battery-operated vacuum cleaner is an attractive alternative. It is lighter, more manageable and you don’t have to plug in any cables if you want to vacuum something. The only problem is the price. The devices from Dyson quickly cost over 600 euros.

Good equipment at an attractive price

This is where our test device comes into play. The Eufy S11 Go is available for 224 euros. With a second spare battery, it is 287 euros. The vacuum cleaner should work for 80 minutes with both batteries. From the outside, the Eufy resembles the expensive devices from Dyson, one cannot believe in a coincidence. The device is delivered in a very valuable and perfectly packed box. And with a whole lot of accessories, considering that the price is only 224 euros.

The scope surprised us positively. Only the charger looks a bit simple. Only one cable is inserted into the battery here, a platform with a charging shoe would be nicer. The workmanship and feel are good. Typical for China, the device is dazzling white. This may not be the best choice for a vacuum cleaner. Workmanship and quality please, but in principle you should not assume that a cordless vacuum cleaner in the household achieves the same life expectancy as a high-quality cable vacuum cleaner. All parts are then a little lighter and less durable.

The vacuum cleaner has a pistol grip, the battery is plugged in at the back, and suction nozzles can be plugged in at the front. Then the device is about 60 centimeters long and very compact. Ideal if you want to clean upholstery or the car. If you use the flexible extension, you also get to inadequate places. The rigid extension rod and the wide rotating brush are used for floor cleaning. The device sits comfortably in the hand and is long enough that tall people can use it without contorting themselves. Nice detail: the wide brush lights up the floor in front of it with LEDs. The device offers three different suction levels. If you choose the strongest, the S11 Go works with 120 watts and achieves an impressive suction power of 20,000 Pascal. The battery is empty after eight to ten minutes. The device only vacuums as long as the trigger button is pressed, this prevents the battery from being strained when idling. If an apartment is already being cleaned by a robot, eight minutes of full power for reworking or removing a problem is very long. During this time, you can clean 50 square meters of floor. With normal pollution. If you want to vacuum a large apartment with the device, you should use the power mode with care. The device lasts much longer in the weaker levels. You can also order the device with two batteries. The performance of a battery is 63 Wh.

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Easy emptying At first we didn’t find the solution with the charger so nice. In practice, that doesn’t matter. In fact, you can order a standard charger for a problem for a few euros. The following should also be considered: If the wall bracket is converted into a charger, the vacuum cleaner must also be hung in this bracket and it must be attached near a socket. So the Eufy solution is more practical than you might think at first glance. The fact that the start button on the vacuum cleaner does not snap in protects the battery, but you get a lame index finger during long vacuuming sessions. A hair tie will help. As with all vacuum cleaners without a bag, you get in contact with the dirt when emptying the dust container.

Emptying works very easily. The container can be opened if it is attached to the device. You open the bottom with a clip and shake the dirt into the trash can. You can also detach the container from the vacuum cleaner, if you then remove the small filter, the component can be washed out completely. Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​using the Eufy to vacuum out their workshop or the corners of the terrace will be disappointed. A cordless device is not a workshop vacuum cleaner. The pipes and the interior are smaller, the engine has less power. Chips and leaves clog the machine and need to be laboriously removed. Conclusion We were pleasantly surprised by the Eufy S11 Go. The most important point is the suction power.

The S11 Go does something and does not have to hide from cable devices in normal use. This is not a comparison to previous car or desk vacs. In everyday life, the wireless device lowers the inhibition threshold. The vacuum cleaner is light and can be used immediately anywhere in the home. It is a full complement to a vacuum robot. In a small to medium-sized apartment that is not excessively dirty, it can also be used as a single vacuum cleaner. You can ask for more valuable switches on the closures, but you have to keep the price in mind. For 224 euros, the S11 Go offers a very good price-performance ratio. The Dyson V11 has a stronger battery, a sophisticated automatic mode and more features in operation – in the “Absolute Extra” version, the device in the Dysonshop also costs 799 euros. And even with slimmed down equipment, one approaches 600 euros.