October 26, 2020


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Xiaomi Mi Band 5: It should still be on the market in 2020

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Shortly after the launch of the Mi Band 4, Xiaomi’s partner Huami announced that it was working on a Mi Band 5. According to a Huami manager, we can count on the fitness tracker this year. Huami Technology and Xiaomi have been working together on the development of Xiaomi smartwatches since 2014. This also applies to Mi Band 4, which was presented in June 2019. A few days ago, however, news spread in the Chinese media that Xiaomi had reduced its stake in Huami.

The allegations were promptly denied by the head of the Huami Technology company in an article on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. Xiaomi’s participation as a strategic investor and business partner of Huami Technology has not changed. Xiaomi “never sold a single Huami share,” said the Huami manager.

Huami responsible mentions Mi Volume 5 in the denial

As part of the denial, he also mentioned that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 would be officially launched later this year, which would be gratifying given the delays that pretty much all technology manufacturers are currently struggling with due to the Corona crisis. However, the person responsible for Huami did not provide any further data on Mi Volume 5. However, we expect some technical improvements over the predecessor Mi Band 4, which achieved a sales record of more than one million units within eight days last year. Overall, Xiaomi’s smartwatches have been among the world’s best-selling smart wearable products since their launch in 2014.

Improvements over the Mi Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is equipped with a 0.94 inch AMOLED display with 120 x 240 pixel resolution. According to rumors, his successor might come with a contrast-enhanced 1.2-inch screen. Like the Mi Band 4, the Band 5 will also have tracking functions such as sleep monitoring, a heart rate monitor, calorie or pedometer. According to Tizenhelp, the Mi Band 5 could support Google Pay. However, this requires an NFC sensor, which Xiaomi has only installed in the Mi Band 4 in the Chinese version. So there is hope that the Chinese manufacturer will also provide its Mi Band 5 with the near-field communication standard.

What is the Mi Band 5 likely to cost?

The Mi Band 4 is currently available for 34.99 euros directly from the German Xiaomi website. For Mi Band 5, according to Tizenhelb, a price of 179 yuan is being discussed in China, which corresponds to about $ 26. However, the price varies by country. Since successor models are usually a little more expensive than their predecessors, we can certainly count more than 10 euros for sales in Germany. However, the Mi Band 5 would still have a very good price-performance ratio compared to the competition.

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